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@6º Republic May.6 - May.27
@The Chapter Four 2nd Year Anniversary Happy Birthday to TCF : )

Hair : [taketomi]_Kou *NEW*
JacketWonton: Suede Fringe Jacket *NEW* @The Mens Dept May 5 - 31
Belt & Pants : [monso] My Slim Jean - Denim *NEW* @The Mens Dept May 5 - 31

HairEaters Coma - HAIR 65 *NEW* @Tres Chic May 1 - 28
Top : /// offbeat /// the moment gacha : roll-up stripe blue * *NEW* @The Chapter Four
PantsKITJA - Gwen Jeans GREY *NEW* @The Chapter Four
Bag : *_M.birdie Story_* basic eco bag7 *NEW* @The Chapter Four
ShoesBleich - Mesh Spring Platform - White *NEW* @The Chapter Four

HIDEKI - Ufo Comics *NEW* @The Chapter Four
BALACLAVA!! Camden Rug CHARCOAL (Solid) *NEW* @6º Republic
.:revival:. book pile leather black *NEW* @6º Republic
-David Heather-Industrio Lamp/Rust *NEW* @6º Republic
-David Heather-Industrio Phone *NEW* @6º Republic
Fancy Decor: Coasters *NEW* @6º Republic
:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {6} *NEW* @6º Republic
{theosophy} Blaenavon Couch (Earth/Mustard) *NEW* @6º Republic
Apt B // The Industrial Side - Big Clock *NEW* @6º Republic
.:revival:. book pile leather brown *NEW* @6º Republic
:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {5} *NEW* @6º Republic
* SORGO - Old Phone / WOOD *NEW* @6º Republic

.:revival:. rock sign floor *NEW* @6º Republic
7 - PAL computer - Professional *NEW* @6º Republic
:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {1} *NEW* @6º Republic
HIDEKI - Visitor Signs *NEW* @The Chapter Four
-David Heather-Industrio Poster Bin *NEW* @6º Republic
:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {3} *NEW* @6º Republic

:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {4} *NEW* @6º Republic
HIDEKI -  UFO Sightings Map *NEW* @The Chapter Four
HIDEKI - Research Table *NEW* @The Chapter Four
:HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {3} *NEW* @6º Republic
[NO CONCEPT] vintage desk lamp *NEW* @6º Republic
Fancy Decor: Escape Shelf (stained) *NEW* @6º Republic

BALACLAVA!! Camden Rug BROWN (Flattened Solid) *NEW* @6º Republic
[NO CONCEPT] vintage wood desk *NEW* @6º Republic
HIDEKI - UFO Sighting interview recorder *NEW* @The Chapter Four
=Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter_Grey *NEW* @6º Republic
[Brixley] vintage milk crate *NEW* @6º Republic
NOMAD // Allergy Medicine *NEW* @The Chapter Four
[NO CONCEPT] vintage wood chair *NEW* @6º Republic
[NO CONCEPT] vintage iron low stool *NEW* @6º Republic
[NO CONCEPT] vintage iron high stool *NEW* @6º Republic
[Brixley] vintage milk crate painted *NEW* @6º Republic

Fancy Decor: Ladder Light (stained) *NEW* @6º Republic
oyasumi / hanging chain light *NEW* @6º Republic
NOMAD // Industrial Bed // RARE *NEW* @6º Republic
oyasumi / pipe drink holder *NEW* @6º Republic
.:revival:. clock *NEW* @6º Republic
PILOT -Pillow Triangle *NEW* @6º Republic
PILOT -Pillow Grey Chevron *NEW* @6º Republic
PILOT -Pillow Key *NEW* @6º Republic
NOMAD // Cello // .03 *NEW* @6º Republic
PILOT - Eye Chart 1 *NEW* @6º Republic
oyasumi / industrial wall shelf *NEW* @6º Republic
Fancy Decor: Gears Bookend *NEW* @6º Republic
[Brixley] studded frame *NEW* @6º Republic
MudHoney Felix Frames *NEW* @6º Republic